Wednesday, May 21

My God Daughter-Ronikka Susan George

I was touched when I was asked to be your Godmother,a question to which I gladly answered "Yes."And I'll ask God's blessings for you always,knowing I'm the who's been so truly blessed! moved on and i have deviated away from you, with life and responsibilities of my own. But each and every aspect of your life was being conveyed, to me , my darling. But mostly.... your news were stuck and lingered along with birthdays and school reports and things like that.

But your self portrait gives an insight into your own self............................Quote,"I tell them I could give them many adjectives and beautiful words to describe myself, I can go on about how good a leader I am and how well I can communicate with people, but at the same time I know for a fact that I am on a constant journey of discovering myself every single moment that I live.

I believe in a very simple yet extremely powerful things in life. And that is:“ YOUR THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS” I've been brought up with a set of very strong core values which I am extremely proud of and consider as my strengths the rest of the qualities I inherit are from life, and my experiences. What I make of them makes me who I am. "

Your 'detached self' must have been the most attractive aspect of you, never hurting , never interfering, never stamping your opinions under
no circumstances to anyone!,That must have been the pivotal point in your personality that attracts people to you, especially, your friends. Ronika who never lets anyone down with judgemental comments. There is nothing more precious than friendship and this is ever more true,when you are in your 'teens'. Our close friends become our most trusted confidantes. Without them, life could be scary and incredibly boring.

As you approached adolescence.........I looked at you achievements made me even more proud of you.I hope you know its never too late or never too old to be told they are loved. Saying "I love you" once in a while in my mind was something i have never missed.To me it was as important to me as it was, breathing for life. Writing it in a note and sending it across to you was pushing it too much, when it comes to responsibility and moral obligations towards you.Yet I have always provided an alibi by occasional calls which will be a reminder that you can hold on to some memory of me.

You grew up in front me ..............through mails photos occasional emails and nothing much of an input from me except for a few , age old meaningless words passed through phone calls. But in spite all the ridiculing words thrown across to me, to adress me as your ' Godmother'.......I was proud always been,attained the pinnacle of my existence.Your growing up was with a wonderful women........ whom you call 'Mum' but to me she was personification of a women's personality, al success, strength,character and most of all love/care.

Achievement's that you have acquired during the years

1.BEST CADET KARNATAKA AND GOA -2004-05 (out of 17, 000 cadets in the state)

2.Attended Republic Day Camp 2005 and was 4th In India in the Best Cadet Category choice ( G.K and NCC- service subject based).

3. SCHOOL CAPTAIN- 2005-06– Cathedral High School, Bangalore

5.Member of Environment Club – 2 years

6.TEAM CAPTAIN- Throw ball, basket ball( both inter school and house)7.Represented school in inter- school Athletic Meets- 4 years

8.Gospel Mission- 2003

9.Vice –president of the Social Science Association- 2006/Co-Committee member of the Social Science Association- 2007


11.Winner of Annual Group Discussion competition's –( Among Commerce And the Social Science classes)

12.Active NCC cadet having attended

14 NCC camps,including- National integration camp and a month camp to Delhi


14.sponsorship to children's education for 2 years

15.Participated/Achivements in many debates and writing competitions.
Definition of mother.......The funniest thing I have ever heard,yet.......may be 10000 million version of it,"a mother is a person who loves her kids, making sure that they are her main priority, she does work to benefit them, help them to grow into wonderful personalities, encourage them to relay on good values of God, teach them principles of life, protect them from all hazards .God Mother........personifies more or less the same kind of responsibilities, yet from a distance, or may be as far as they are allowed to or could afford to.So I have achieved my ultimate goal of being so satisfied, being a God Mother, in spite of putting no effort of my own,with my name, Nannu, as she was called at home, were cherished and groomed into a perfect... almost perfect creation of womanhood'.Being a social female parent of this God Child offspring of mine, i think i have responsibilities of my own towards her.Some day God will give me chance to full fill my dreams and wish, to spend some time,a very precious time of my own, for ever, for keeps sake.The very own Nannu............


Jac said...

As her God mother, you can't give her a better present, Sapna !
You have given it here.

Plz convey my compliments to her.

Sapna Anu B.George said...

Comment from my GodDaughter herself...............Ronika Susan George........."hey sappu mai .
firstly i want to say that this blog you wrote for me was one of the nicest things some one has done for me.i feel very loved, and wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing so much support and love.i have nothing to give in return but to say love you and im glad i have some one so kind as my god mother .i only hope i get to know you better and this relation "ship",travels away into many beautiful and happy places.
yours nannu.

C said...

a very proud mother's musings bout an extremely talented, multifaceted teenager! at this age who wouldn't be motivated by such an intimate proclamation made to the whole world, especially by a close relative, truly nice, and who is Ronikka, is she sujatha's dotr by any chance, but she called u ammai, convey my best wishes too
Ronikka and Sappu u both rockkkkk

Sapna Anu B.George said...

Thanks a million........... Cynthya, Ronikka is jayacha,the eldest brothers daughter to whom i am the GodMother, thanks again.

Dotm said...

No wonder you are so proud of your God Daughter. She has to be a very hard worker to have accomplished so much already in her life.
Sounds like she feels just as proud to have your as her God Mother.
Wonderful post.

Sapna Anu B.George said...

Thanks lot Dear Dotm'................Sure, i am proud of her and she is defenitly making sure the entire family has ,compliments showered on her always,God bless her.

rosh said...

awesome!!! when u gonna write bout the other 2 ;)....mwahh..

Sapna Anu B.George said...

Thanks baby for looking through these pages

Bhoomika Wadhwani said...

truly a great story..
i feel really good for you mam..
even i'm an ncc cdt.. so i can realise how good your daughter would have felt at the camps.. and i can even realise how much you both would have missed each as my mom and i almost cried on the phone..