Sunday, May 4

Resaon why?

I live in a land of nowhere
I have no one to defeat
That may be the Reason

I have enough time to go places
to be lost in the forests of foliage
to talk to streams and water falls
That may be the Reason.

To relax hours in forest grass lands
to see the birds, enjoy the koyal sing
tune my heart, to sings along the beat
That may be the Reason.

You will never think of chemistry
A reaction happening in ones mind
Becoz of your picture, so worldly
That may be the Reason.

Just go through life without additions
yet that vision makes signatures in mind
without being an injustice to feeling
That may be the Reason.

Remembering always your presence
with many of others sharing the feelings,
A mark that you always leave behind
That may be the Reason.

Food that comfort a persons hunger
yet I honour a single piece of rotti
served to a really hungry street child
That may be the Reason.

You did a drama with that name?
A sumptuous name of a meal
Garnished for the drama of life.
That may be the Reason.


Anonymous said...

lovely have crafted the real essence of life beautifully...we all strive to find the reasons...Nice poem!

Sapna Anu B.George said...

Thanks for the comment and the visit dear FlyingSatars