Monday, June 2

Black & White

A positivity that's invisible to many
inspit of changing every hour minute second
Life never stops expressing the positiveness
positive always march ahead victorious
Might be years ,months and days of patience
But the Black does turns to White
Though the beginning is a dot , at times.

When everything begins to ends
When life begins to end,always
When negative meets positive
Black is the colour where everything begins,
yet the end always come with the positive white.

The colour of God the creator of all
However small it might be depicted
Never will the white loose its strength
Each point, each movement, each life, each incident
That Happens has purpose behind it all
A purpose that start off with a black point
But always -ultimately ends with white purpose
A white that deals with all the negativity of blackness.


Sapna Anu B.George said...

The poem was inspited by this photo of Mr.Ezhil Ramalingam......
..Please watch Mr.Ramalingam's Fliker pages for some exceptionally fentastic pictures, watch how he weaves magic with his camera.

Jac said...

Black and white are not real colours Sapna

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind words, sapna. I feel proud that my picture is instrumental for a lovely thought like this.