Saturday, January 29

Republic Day Celebrations _Indian School Al Gubrah,Muscat,Oman

The Teamwork or Children and Teacher to give the look of the  'Delhi Red Fort'
School Captains
Mr.Anil Wadwa, Ambassador To Oman Hoisting the  national  Flag, Dr.Muhammad Ali,Mr.Raiz, Teachers 
Welcome Song-Vande Matharam

Mr. Anil Wadwa being seated for  the cultural show of Children
Cultural show representing  different  states of India

Hi Majesty Sultan Qaboos being  respected

Omani National Dance

Few  unexpected  guest  walking to the  aisle to take  their  seats

Mahathma Gandhi with the  grand finale  of the show

62 years  of Joy, being the Republic India being  flown  unto the  skies....

Jana Gana Mana implies that Bharata Bhagya Vidhata, or 'the bestow of good fortune'.
Here is a translation of the five stanzas 
Stanza 1:  
The (Indian) people wake up remembering your good name and ask for your blessings and they sing your glories (Tava shubha name jaage; tava shubha aashish maage, gaaye tava jaya gaatha)Stanza 2:Around your throne, people of all religions come and give their love and anxiously wait to hear your kind words.Stanza 3:Praise to the King for being the charioteer, for leading the ancient travelers beyond misery.Stanza 4:Drowned in deep ignorance and suffering, this poverty stricken, unconscious country? Waiting for the wink of your eye and our mother's (the Queen's) true protection.Stanza 5:In your compassionate plans, the sleeping Bharat (India) will wake up. We bow down to your feet, O Queen, and glory to Rajeshwara (the King).


Sapna Anu B.George said...

Republic Day celebrations in my kids school

രമേശ്‌അരൂര്‍ said...

Sapna please correct the spelling of the
head line word "Republic "(you written it as
Repablic )

Sapna Anu B.George said...

Corrected, thanks Ramesh