Sunday, September 21

Where Dreams are made

Home , where my dreams are made,
each daydream that recur in mind
Will this ever become the real reality?

Everyday, wind,soothing and nippy
morning mugs of coffee, feel blissful,
with small flutter and splash of rain
wooden seats in balcony, so pleasant.

Ever did I think of an afternoon siesta's
so deep with minuscule sound of lullaby’s
from the river below, with cool breeze.

The deep red of the splendid sunset
makes my evenings full of romance,
the music so enticing to my ears.

Soft steps of evening that takes me,
towards the darkness of nights,
with creaking sound of night owls.

The murmur of nights that engulfed,
me into the comforts into the home
Like an embrace with, strong heartbeats.

Always ready to protect me from evil
the darkest of my fears that’s erased
in my own dream home, always a dream.

1 comment:

Sapna Anu B.George said...

somebodys home,somewhere
but i entwined my dreams
into that unknown home
But a dream only..............