Tuesday, August 10

Mithran Devanesan-India's Eminent English Theatre Directors

Mithran Devanesan

Born in Sri Lanka in 1952, Mithran joined the Madras Players in 1974. He acquired a reputation as a talented director and an expert set designer quickly. Around ten years ago, he founded his own theatre group, MTC Productions. Among the well-known plays he directed were ‘Midnight Hotel', ‘Funny Money', ‘Anna Weiss', ‘Seven Steps Around the Fire' and ‘Dance Like a Man'.In 2006, he directed ‘The Shadow Box' for The Hindu MetroPlus Theatre Fest, a play which was very well received.Over  the years, a number of plays staged for the Fest relied on his sets.
 He was willing to see the actors' point of view and bring out the best in each of them. He had the ability to read a script, and almost instantly visualise the entire play in his head”

He has been thrice awarded the Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarship. In the last three years Mithran has worked in films - as an actor in a French production Blue Mountains, as a casting director and as an actor in an Italian film Gills.

Mithran worked for underprivileged children by conducting workshops, teaching English at Corporation schools, and sponsoring scholarships for deserving students. His family runs an organization called Roofs for the Roofless in 14 villages, south of Chennai.of the Bow-Wow Club, a community based children's theatre. 
With the passing away of Mithran Devanesan, Chennai has lost one of its best-known figures in the English theatre scene.God rest his soul.
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