Wednesday, January 28

Great connoisseur in the art of Cooking.....Thankam Philip

A Tribute to the Great Persona

Ms. Thankam E Philip, originally from the Thevarthudiyil Family from Kottayam had rewritten some age old conventional rules about cooking. She had been the principle of the Bombay Catering College and had been a pillar or strength in the field of cooking .

Her soul left and today leaving a lot of memories behind .

A Padmashree winner Thankam E. Philip has been selected for the Col. G. V. Raja Award by Kerala Tourism also for lifetime achievement in tourism for her exceptional contributions to the tourism and hotel management sector too.


Sapna Anu B.George said...

A distant relative by family ,i have heard stories after stories of her cookies and special dishes,though i never had the opportunity to see in person...She will be in every malayalee's heart. God rest her soul.

Jennifer said...

Sapna, Have her recipes and advices been complied into a book? Is it available? I'm really curious. Would it be in Malayalam or English?

Sapna Anu B.George said... far as i know, yes there are book available,i will check it out and let you know,soon.

Bindhu Ann said...

Thankam Philip the great legend,the veteran in cooking, but in my memories she is my loving and sweet aunty ammachi having a graceful smile with love and affection.My guiding light and my Inspiration.
Bindhu Ann Thomas

Sapna Anu B.George said...

Dear Bindhu......though not direct your Aunt is relative of mine too, my sister in law Sujatha Moffat's Aunt...Now sujatha Vinu George.Great to meet you here and if you come back to this blog to read this,do write to me
.Thanks for visiting my blog and how did you reach here??i can't find your respond.

Anonymous said...

Guess she was genuinely talented unlike Mrs K M Mathew who was overerated, thanks to Manorama.

ukmallu said...

One of the books is Modern Cookery,which covers kerala cooking as well as most indian dishes...very much usefull

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