Thursday, October 23

My Dad

Another 24th

Days go past us winds of season,
Never gone past the days and years
Get stuck in some ear and age
That engulf us like mirages in deserts.

One such mirage is my Dad' in my life,
Always in front of me,waiting for me,
Yet i never reach there in time be near,
So near to me yet so far away.

Never did he forsake me,in life
Never for moment,never for a day,
Always beside me when i needed the most,
A dear friend,a true companion,a great dad.

He suggested,the best books for me to read
But never pushed them into my hands,
A mear suggestion about the inputs
Next thing i know,i have my hands full.

He sang tune's that's soothing,melodious,
But never forced me to listen any songs,
A mear suggestion about the notes in them,
Passion for music began with his notes.

His acquaintances,colleagues becomes friends,
Value of friends in life is enormous,
Friends are like cool breeze in mornings,
Surround life with them,now i have endless no's.

Life has ups and downs,but never fear them,
Face them and find solutions for them,
This life is too small for us to sit and fear,
So i tried, yet fear engulfed me.

He came back into my life in many forms,
Beating death, faced me with many a face,
As friends,note of music,verses from books
He never left me and my life, my Dad.


Sapna Anu B.George said...

Today 4 years passed since he life me alone to fend for life.......

Anonymous said...


A touching yet beautiful piece of art.Echoed the feelings and thoughts of many, esp. those who live abroad.I guess we all live with a mixed bag of emotions when it comes to our parents-love;gratitude;joy;loyalty;guilt;sadness.But I feel that feeling of sadness and guilt[I do get them]is perhaps misplaced if we really think about what our parents wanted from us-to do well in life;be happy and do for the next generation what they did for us?!

[year-ear;mere-mear;many a face not faces?]

Anonymous said...


It was just now that I saw your comment.Hope and pray that the Lord has given you and your family the strength to move on in life and in remembering your dad not just today but in every day of your life by echoing his kind words and carrying out the good deeds as he did.

Alex [aka Anoni]

Sapna Anu B.George said...

Dear Anoni....we are starting the same old routine if you are the same Anoni....there is no such things as'family'in my dads life,anyone left who remembers him except me.. yes,thats all i have in life,what he taught me and the values.When I look back over my sholder and not seeing him behind noding his head,at me to'go ahead' in life is still scary.But i have no choice,life has to go on.Thanks again.

mathai said...

Very nice piece! Well done!

Sapna Anu B.George said...

thanks mathai

Cynthia said...

You take my breath away with this piece. I know that your Dad must be looking down upon you lovingly and with much pride.

Sapna Anu B.George said...

Thanks Cynthia......i hope he does always from heven,just as he never left my hand for a moment,ever since i was born.

sindhu said...

Oh, this was lovely Sapna, very touching, I can empathise, since I have gone through the same...but much earlier in life...

Sapna Anu B.George said...

Thanks sindhu for the visit and the good words too


Dear Friend Ms. Sapna George.

I have written a short review of one of your poems. You can put it as a separate blog on your website.

-Naval Langa


The human mind takes the support of images while conveying the messages to others. It is usual for a poet of an artist to use this mechanism of using extended images. Once the artists or a poet enters the larger scale of the imagination, the world is much wider for him or her. Here in this poem, an Indian poetess has tried to covey her message, packed with emotions and reverence.

Poetess Sapna believes, and tries to establish too, that ‘without leap of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities’. She does not limit her possibilities; she took the help of images to transmit her emotions in to the words. Here in this poem she has taken ‘Her Father’ as an image to reveal what she has in her hear and mind, as she says about her father that: he never left my hand for a moment, ever since I was born. In these lines of her poems, she let her lifelong memories to escape and fly in the sky of love and reverence.

She how she longs for her father; how she misses her presence:
Never did he forsake me, in life
Never for moment, never for a day,
Always beside me when I needed the most,

For us the humans, and especially for the women, father is a pivotal figure in the emotive world. Hardly a woman misses to remember her father, as he is the person around whom she has erected a tower of hopes; under whose eyes she has built a castle for security. This feeling leaps out and takes the form of the words like ‘Never did he forsake me, in life…. Never for moment, never for a day… Always beside me when I needed the most,

Poets often use particular forms and conventions to suggest at alternative meanings in the words: the images we use to convey our feeling are in a way the alternative meanings we have given to the situation or the flow of our bubbling emotions within. To take the ‘Father’s love’ as imagination is not new in the world of literature; most of the narration in Bible roams around this one word ‘Father’. In her above poem, Sapna George has arranged the metaphors in a beautiful manner. She has assembled the related metaphors that are completely compatible to each other, or similar in temperament. Look at these lines:
One such mirage is my Dad' in my life,
Always in front of me, waiting for me,
Yet I never reach there in time be near,
So near to me yet so far away.
The feeling of loss is the inherent current in these lines; all the words put in a sculpturesque fashion radiating the feeling of permanent shortfall in life. Every loss presupposes the absence of assured gain. From the father figure we receive many help, in the form of physical things and emotional support. He is the figure that tries to shape our life in a better way. Journeying on the land of memories of her father the poetess says:
He suggested, the best books for me to read
But never pushed them into my hands,
The journey with our father never ends; death is a minor separation. But once the father figure departs for a reason, goes away from us, he enters the larger scale of our imagination. Instead of remaining a name of the greatest relationship, the image of father becomes the controller of all our ideas and emotions that passes through our wonder land of our mind, our thoughts.