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The Sound of Sargam

History and lineage play a major role in moulding one’s talent. Focusing and Aligning the Paradigm of life guides one to the road to success.

Sadhana Sargaham’s life is a fascinating account of one such Success. Sadhana was born into a family of artists to the, likes of Neela Ghanekar’ a Classical singer and Purushotham Ghanekar, a commercial artist. Sadhana attributes her success to her Mother’, Neela Ghanekar’. Sadhana commenced her “Sadhakam” at the tender age of four, and won Scholarships at the age of ten from the Government of India. Sadhana pursued to learn classical music from Sangeet Marthand ‘Pandit Jasraj’. Later Bollywood Maestro’s Kalyanji Anandji brought her under their wings and educated her about the effusiveness of music needs- Bhavam (expression) and Modulation.

Sadhana Sargam is making waves in the film industry by being versatile and mesmerizing the audience of many languages. Other than singing in her mother Tongue Marathi, she sung in quite a number of languages like, Tamil, Telugu, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarathi, and Oriya. Teri Umeed Tera Intezar (Devana). Kuch mere dil ne kaha (Tere Mere Sapne) bano rani (1947 Earth) main Teri hoom janam(khoon Bhari mang) Humne ghar choda hai(Dil) Har Kissi ko nahi milta (Janbaaz) Pehela Nashaphehela khumar(Jo Jeetha wohi sikkander) chupkese (saathiya) and also recent hits like “kuch na kaho” are some of the few Bollywood hits she gave to her ardent audiences. Beginning with the original sound track of Manirathnam’s “Aley Payuthe” she ventured into South Indian Cinema. Sadhana is one of the few singers who has worked with versatile Music directors like Illeyaraja, AR Rahman, Anu Malik, Kalyanji Anadji, R. D. Burman, Nadeem Shravan, Deva VidyaSagar, And IlleyaRaja’s son, Karthick Raja, and the list goes on.

As an aspiring playback singer, she performed innumerable Stage-Shows, with which she had, kept the audience in awe, in US, Canada and Middle East. From the immaculate and breathtaking shows in Qatar, she is flown in, to enchant the ardently waiting audience of Nairobi. The Album’s she released contained the ‘WOW” factor which mesmerized her listeners and audience equally. It would be apt to mention Amjad Ali Khan’s “Vade” in which she sang with Roop Kumar Rathode for the Album Kushboo Rumm, which was well accepted and appreciated for the Bhajans’s, Gazals, and Romantic Numbers..

The Awards that followed, has helped to enhance Sadhana’ s career. The popular song composed by Illeyaraja about which she says, “is close to my heart” Patta choli, from the Tamil Film Alahi’, fetched her a National Award. She earlier won the Konkan Ratna Award as well as the Sahyag Foundation award. Sadhana considers her music to be a “Pooja” and her success was a gift from the almighty God.

The Indian club in Qatar was proud to present such awesome talent to the Indian Community where she entertained the club members in the presence of distinguished guests, to name Mr. Rajinder Bhagat-Counsellor at the Embassy of India in Qatar. Mr. Bhagat released a brochure in her name at the function.

Upcoming singers and stage artists, Archana and Chetan added flavor to the tempo of the musical night for the Indian audience churning out a few dance numbers from the latest Hindi movies. The Stage Compeer Mr. D.Mahesh, a comedian, needs to have a mention, who kept the audience at the frenzy of laughter to his sense of humor. The President of the club Mr.Nilangshu Dey presented mementos to the artist, followed by a sumptuous dinner at the club.

Sadhana promised to be back to entertain an enthusiastic audience, whom she loved. She would love to have fan mails from those interested to listen to her songs. Log in at her official website,, where you will come across, a brief history of her sojourn with life and music.

Sapna Anu B. George

(A Proactive and Creative Personality, who is able to Conceptualize, Evolve and Develop around a wide range of topics, related to People Profiles, Culture, Art, Theatre, Movies and news from the Middle East.)

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