Tuesday, February 28

Mother,Oh Mother

Dedicated to My Mother 'Who left me in 2002, to fend and fret for my life, which i still as hard as, life in itself..............

mother oh mother,
where art' thou,
up in the sky down in the earth,
in lands far away,all my aches and all my pains,
where will I go with all my worries,
who will be there to comfort me,
who will be there to wipe my tears,
with a wisp of your handlike a wispering wind you,
you pour comforts in my ears,
just as the wind wipes away the dust ,
you wipe my tears,
with the wind of your love,mother,
I am drowning,in my own sorrow,
I am going deep into the fathom lessnes,
I long for you,
Mother,where art' thou


Soorya Thejus said...

Very touching poem

mullassery said...

namaskaaram sapnaaji..
"mother,oh mother" enna hridaya sparshiyaaya aangleya kavitha vayichu. kollaam.
aangleya bhaashayaanu kooduthal vazhangunnathum inangunnathum!hehe..

i wish all success..

Dotm said...

I have been reading many of your interesting posts. This one brought back when I lost my mother 20 years after losing my father. Yes, gone but never forgotten. I can feel the wish to once more be able to go to her when life seems too hard.
2002 was also the year I lost my husband after 50 years of marriage.
We never stop loving them and will always miss them. My heart goes out to you. Wonderful warm hearted poem.